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Introduction to NCC, the exclusive UK & ROI Distributors for Emseal Joint Systems

This is the UK focussed website for the unique and ‘State-of-the-Art’ Expansion / Movement Joint Sealing Systems that were originally developed and manufactured to meet the far higher extremes of construction, traffic and weathering exposure in North America, throughout Canada, the USA and then due to their success, were introduced to the rest of the world.

Emseal joint systems are designed to seal all types of construction movement and expansion joints, especially those difficult wide and/or high movement capability expansion joints. As well as for many other specific structural movement and expansion joints for both horizontal and vertical surfaces, in many specialist applications and structures in all types of buildings and civil engineering structures. The complete range of Emseal’s composite joint sealing systems are supplied exclusively throughout the UK and Ireland by NCC, who also provide full technical support and service. This FREE Service includes detailed support for Owners and their professional architects and engineers in the selection and specification of the most suitable and cost-effective joint sealing systems and solutions. Plus detailed estimating advice, Method Statements and installation training as appropriate for contractors, in addition to the supply of all of the necessary system components and ancillaries.

In this way we are with you all the way through your projects, from the design office, right through specification and detailing with FREE standard and bespoke CAD details, then onsite to ensure successful installation and completion. Our objective is to ensure your project success with optimum durability and a long service-life.

Today Emseal movement joint systems and the Company strapline ‘Watertight by Design’ are becoming increasingly well-known all around the globe. Emseal systems are renowned worldwide for innovative solutions to solve all standard types of structural and other movement joint sealing requirements, as well as many with the most complex details and exposure combinations and requirements. Using Emseal joint sealing solutions provides cost-effective solutions on all types of buildings and civil engineering structures all around the world.

This means that for movement joints in both new construction and refurbishment, there is an Emseal solution, especially helpful where there are wide and / or high movement capability jointing situations. For specific advice to solve the movement and expansion joint sealing requirements for your project, please call 01257 266696 or email us for advice:

Where required for additional information, such as any additional specific product or technical details, existing CAD Drawings and Test Certificates or Approvals and Technical Articles for example, then this site will open additional windows to allow you to easily access, view and/or download them from the Corporate Emseal website in North America: